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The HBA will be embarking on a campaign reminding homeowners that staying local when hiring businesses has its short-term and long-term benefits for them and to our entire community.  This campaign will explain the credibility of HBA Members and asking them use HBA Members for their housing needs.  This campaign will target Black Forest (80908 zip code).

 Deadline dates to participate
To be included in the 1st mailing - sign up by Friday, July 12      /     To be included in the 2nd mailing - sign up by Friday, September 13
To be included in the 3rd mailing - sign up by Friday, October 18

You only need to sign up one time.

This campaign will reach out to homeowners in the 80908 zip code a minimum of three times over the next two months and insurance agents as needed.  It will involve direct mail pieces and email messages, where possible, specifically listing those companies who participate in this campaign as well as sending them to our website for a list of all Members.  Want to see a copy of last years' mailing?  Click here.

Both the mailed campaign and the website will feature business that are immediately needed by those affected by the fire.  There is no charge to be listed on the HBA Rebuilding Our Community
web pages, there will be a $300 fee per company to be part of the campaign, per business category.  To participate*, make your payment online or by completing the below information.  Your receipt is your confirmation.

* Participation is limited to only the business activities listed on the Rebuilding Our Community web page.   Exception:  If you are not one of immediate need categories listed as identified by the Executive Committee, you can still be listed on the Campaign and the website with your $300 fee.

Do you want to use the Rebuilding Our Community Logos? 

You are encouraged to use the Rebuilding Our Community Logo.  However, please note the Logo Usage Policy.  Click here for details.  (this policy applies to both the Waldo Canyon Fire and the Black Forest Fire)

In the text box below, please list the business category you would like to be listed under.

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$300.00 Black Forest Fire Ad Campaign

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